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PostSubject: Achievements   Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:45 am

Here are the achievements
For every achivement you gain 15 RPG Money

Register achievements:
Member for one year
Member for two years
Member for three years

Tournament achievements:
Three of a kind (When you win three tournaments in a row)
The Big Five (5 tournaments in a row)

Duel Achievements:
Three is a lucky number(3 times Duelist of the week in a row)
12 is better than 11 (12 times Duelist of the Week in a row)
Warrior (10 duel wins in a row)
Admiral (50 duel wins in a row)
General (100 duel wins in a row)
King of Duels (300 duel wins in a row)

Kame Game Shop Achievements:
This is Sparta (spend 300 RPG Money in one day only for warrior Monsters)

I have to go to school, i will edit it Wink
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