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 Rules of the Arena

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PostSubject: Rules of the Arena   Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:57 pm

You gain 20 RPG Money and 2 EXPERIENCE POINTS per win!
You lose 10 RPG Money per lose!

If you are Obelisk member, you can battle only once a week a member of Slifer and member of Ra

Make a new topicwith the result (you can battle as much as you like), the title of the topic must should be coloured with the color of your Dorm (if you battle against someone, who is in another Dorm, then you don't color the topic's title) and written who vs who Smile

I am from Obelisk, Hell Kaiser too, the topic must be:Nedvedd vs Hell Kaiser Heavencharge

Your opponent must confirm the result!
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Rules of the Arena
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